Top Sirloin in Mushroom Gravy

I was really wanting some salisbury steak for dinner. Well, that’s not quite what I made, but a delicious dinner was had. The top sirloin steaks were on sale for $4.99 lb. Only a dollar more than ground beef so I elected to go with those. Now normally I would throw them on the grill but with a craving for the salisbury steak, I grabbed some mushrooms and a cheap gravy mix packet. Once home, I got the steaks out and ran through them with my meat tenderizer and seasoned them with my rub.2015-04-23 17.12.04

Browned them fast in a little EVOO over medium-high heat about 1-2 minutes per side. I could only get two in at a time so after the first batch was done I pulled them out and I deglazed the pan with some smoked chicken stock and poured all that goodness in with the steaks and repeated the process.2015-04-23 17.32.07

Chopped up six large mushrooms and 1/2 of a green bell pepper and sauteed until just tender. 2015-04-23 17.32.13

With the peppers and mushrooms cooking I mixed the gravy packet with a cup of cold water and added that to the pan. I added about a tsp of garlic powder and a half tsp each of kosher salt and black pepper.2015-04-23 17.36.02

Put the steaks and the liquid back into the pan and mixed it up. I then put the lid on and into the oven at 275 for about an hour and a half.2015-04-23 17.39.21

I then pulled the steaks out of the pan and put it back over medium-high heat to reduce the sauce down until it was the consistency of a nice gravy. Served over some Stove-top stuffing with simple green beans. It was a filling dinner and very tasty. The steaks were super tender and the sauce, with a smokey hint from the stock and the meaty mushrooms was delicious!2015-04-23 19.01.20

Meet Meat!

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