Carnitas Tacos

Well, I had to work on Cinco de Mayo, so, Seis de Mayo it is! Of course tacos and margaritas were on the menu. I grabbed a nice pork butt from the local market (well Safeway…on sale for $1.69 a lb)2015-05-06 12.20.06

and cut it into cubes about and inch or so thick. I seasoned it with a blend of cumin, cayenne, chili powder, oregano, black pepper and kosher salt, and mixed it all around. Cut an orange and an onion into chunks, along with 6 peeled cloves of garlic and mixed with the pork into a 9×13″ pan which I then poured about 1/4 cup of olive oil over the top and pressed it all down. 2015-05-06 12.52.54

Cook that for about 2 hours at 275 degrees then lower temp to 200 and go for another 2 hours or until that meat just “pulls” apart. 2015-05-06 18.34.53

There is a ton of fat in here now. I poured the juice from the pan into a pint glass. I removed the fat, poured into a small sauce pan and reduced by about half.2015-05-06 18.45.262015-05-06 19.09.42

Shred the meat up and pour the reduction on top and gently mix.2015-05-06 19.11.09

Place some of your glorious pork on a sheet tray with a little foil underneath then kick the oven up to high and broil the pork for a good ten minutes to crisp up some of the edges. 2015-05-06 21.21.46

Doctor that up with some diced onion, cilantro, hot sauce and a squeeze of some fresh lime on a nice warm corn tortilla and repeat at least six times! 2015-05-06 20.22.39

2015-05-06 21.27.09

Meet Meat!

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