Grilled Chicken Legs with Buffalo Wing Sauce

Safeway had a great deal on Friday. $5.00 for any package of chicken legs! I scored a huge pack of 19 legs. 2015-06-07 14.47.06

I have been craving some Buffalo wings so I decided to make Buffalo legs. I used my special coffee rub on the legs I was cooking and let them sit for a couple hours in the fridge to chill. I pulled them out to get close to room temp while I started the grill. I used a full chimney of briquettes and poured them on to one side of the Weber. Then I put the chicken over the coals on my cleaned and oiled grill.2015-06-07 18.17.48

I really had to keep turning these often so they did not burn. When they were seared up on all sides and had some nice color I moved them over to indirect heat and closed the lid. 2015-06-07 18.25.14

I turned them about every ten minutes for a total of about 45 minutes. You should use a thermometer to check your poultry and make sure it gets to at least 165 degrees to be safe but I just busted one open and made sure it was good to go. 🙂2015-06-07 19.32.48

I coated my legs with some store bought Buffalo wing sauce. You can use whatever you like. Served with a little potato salad from the deli (which cost more than the drum sticks). Super good and so easy!2015-06-07 19.36.39

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