Atomic Buffalo Turds

So I have been seeing these around the interwebs now for a while and decided it was time to make my own version. Basically, atomic buffalo turds are jalapenos stuffed with cheese and sausage and wrapped in bacon. Here is my take on them. Started with 24 jalapenos, cut a slit along one side and scraped out the seeds and ribs, rinsed out and drained.2015-06-13 16.23.32

Cream cheese, Mexican four cheese blend, paprika and cayenne mixed together.2015-06-13 16.22.33

Stuff the cheese into the peppers.2015-06-13 16.31.29

The sausages I used. A lot of the recipes I saw used little smokies but these are all beef, still smoked and have extra heat. Not to mention they were less than half the price. 🙂2015-06-13 16.36.49

I cut the sausage in half lengthwise then quartered each half so you end up with 8 pieces from each sausage and stuffed those into the jalapenos.2015-06-13 16.42.40

Next wrap each one in a half slice of thin bacon. I would definitely use a whole slice for each one next time as it would cover better and more bacon is always better right?2015-06-13 16.58.18

I put them on six to a skewer making sure I skewered through the top 1/3 of the pepper so the cheese did not leak out the holes. Next I mixed some garlic sriracha rub with a little sugar and sprinkled both sides of my skewers.2015-06-13 17.11.25

Onto the grill for a low and slow barbecuing. Lit one burner of the gas grill and put the turds over indirect heat and cooked for 3 hours total. I rotated the skewers once an hour to make sure they cooked evenly. Don’t flip them over or ya might lose a bunch of cheese. With about 15 minutes left baste them with your favorite sauce a couple times. This is where things get interesting. We had six people at the barbecue and I think five of us had a hand at what went into our basting sauce. It was sweet, sour, salty, spicy and delicious. Not sure of exactly what went into it but I know there was margarita mix and sriracha. That’s it, that’s all I know. HA!2015-06-13 20.29.15

WOW, now I know why people love these. Crispy bacon, creamy cheese, soft pepper, so many layers of flavor and HEAT. Sad part was that it took about 4 hours total of prep and cooking and then was DEVOURED in about 10 minutes! I guess they were good. 🙂2015-06-13 20.33.10

Meet Meat!

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