London Broil…Canadian Style

So, a few weeks ago I did a “London broil“. Carnivore Confidential weighed in on the Canadian version of “London Broil“. It looked so good I had to do my thing to it. Just so happened that I had made some bratwurst here over the weekend and had some leftover that I did not put in casings. Perfect for this application. Grab a nice top round. 2015-06-23 16.40.39

Butterfly that thing then grab a meat tenderizer and beat the crap out of it without tearing it up too bad.2015-06-23 16.46.25

Trim off any necessary to create a better shape and put on a good log of sausage. In my case, the bratwurst. 2015-06-23 16.49.28

Roll it up tight and lightly coat the outside with your favorite seasoning blend. Not too much though as the sausage has a lot of flavor.  Wrap it up in plastic wrap then put it into the freezer for 1/2 hour to make it easier to slice. 2015-06-23 17.27.47

Pull it out and unwrap it.2015-06-23 17.28.42

Slice that baby up. I did mine about an inch and a half-ish thick and got seven slices.2015-06-23 17.30.47

Nice hot fire…check. Clean, oiled grill…check. Meat on. Told ya there was seven.2015-06-23 18.55.45

About 4 mins each side then about 4-5 more over indirect heat until the sausage is done.  2015-06-23 18.58.06

Looking good. Let these rest while ya take pics 🙂2015-06-23 19.18.09

Delicious! How can ya go wrong with pork and beef all rolled into one. I could see getting carried away with this adding cheese, shrooms, some herbs, bacon wrap to the whole thing and smoke it….oh man. Special thanks to Carnivore Confidential as I would not have came up with this on my own. Very good!2015-06-23 19.19.33

Meet Meat!

10 thoughts on “London Broil…Canadian Style

  1. Wow. This looks remarkable! Can’t say when we’ll have the opportunity to try it — but it’s definitely going on the Must Eat Bucket List. 🙂

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