Beef and Chorizo Onion Bombs

So I joined the Facebook group “Smoking Meat Low and Slow”. One of the first things I ran across was onion bombs and knew I had to make these. Basically meatloaf stuffed onions wrapped in bacon and glazed at the end. So let’s get started. For the meat filling I used 1 lb chorizo and 3 lbs ground beef, garlic, diced onion, Worcestershire, S&P, cayenne, egg and a touch of oatmeal. You can use whatever you like.2015-06-26 16.59.48

Slice ends off onions and peel. Then make a slice from the center out to the edge so you can separate the layers.2015-06-26 16.59.57

Stuff your meat mixture into the onions making sure they are full but the onion still touches where it is cut. They look overstuffed but they are not, they closed perfectly. 🙂2015-06-26 17.32.12

Time to wrap them up in some bacon. I used two slices on most of them. Some of the smaller ones only required one slice. Use toothpicks to secure your bacon.2015-06-26 17.55.06

Used a combination of direct and indirect heat. They will be done when your bacon is cooked and the internal temp is around 155 F. Slather on your favorite BBQ sauce during the last 20 or so minutes.2015-06-26 20.17.52

Three of these made for a huge meal! Mmm…sausage, beef, onions and bacon. I will definitely be making these again. I’m thinking the next time will be on the smoker.2015-06-26 20.25.29

Meet Meat!

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