Smoke Roasted Pork Loin

Trying to decide what to do with the pork loin I bought, I stumbled upon a post from Erica at Nwedible. The name says it all: How to make Canadian bacon at home. I loosely followed her instructions. I did not have pink salt but I did have a jerky cure which contained sodium nitrite. I mixed that up with water, salt, sugar, maple syrup, lemon juice, lots of fresh garlic, peppercorns, crushed red peppers and fresh thyme. I placed my pork loin into a gallon sized zip lock bag and poured my brine in there.2015-06-28 15.53.11

I let that brine for 4 days in the fridge. I then pulled it out and rinsed it off and set on a wire rack over a sheet tray and let it dry in the fridge for 24 hours.2015-07-03 10.51.05

Three hours of apple wood smoke at 225 degrees got the loin up to 148 degrees internal temperature. Pulled it off and wrapped in foil to rest for half hour. 2015-07-03 15.20.35

Once it had time to rest, I placed it into the fridge to chill until the next day. Meat is so much easier to slice when it is cold. 2015-07-04 12.59.04

Although the pink salt was missing it was still delicious just not pink all the way through like a true Canadian bacon. It was juicy and smokey with a touch of sweetness. Fantastic! I ate a dozen slices as I was slicing the loin up. We warmed some up on the grill and used them on burgers. Some folks put the slices on sausages or hot dogs while others ate it up cold. It was a hit even if it was not “truly” Canadian bacon. 2015-07-04 15.07.20

Meet Meat!

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