Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs

Here is another item I discovered recently on the interwebs. Armadillo eggs are not made from armadillo. They are a stuffed jalapeno wrapped in ground meat and smoked. However, you know me, I just had to wrap them in bacon too. πŸ™‚ So here is what I came up with. I started with six jalapenos. You can use any pepper you like. I saw one video where the guy used a habanero for one of them for someone who really likes it hot! Cut the top off of them and scrape out the seeds and membranes.2015-07-06 14.20.29

Grab your favorite cheese. Some people use cream cheese or cheddar but you can use whatever you want. I went with Sharp Cheddar Velveeta as I thought it would resemble the “yolk” of the egg.2015-07-06 14.28.07

Fill your peppers up with your cheese.2015-07-06 14.27.30

Next you will need a pound of your favorite ground meat. I went with chorizo here for the extra spice and I just love the flavor. With the exception of making my own this is the best chorizo I can get here. (That I have found).2015-07-06 14.28.16

Divide your meat into six equal portions. Then flatten a portion of your sausage to resemble a thin patty. Place your cheese stuffed jalapeno in the center and wrap the sausage around it. Make sure it is completely sealed and resembles an egg-ish shape.2015-07-06 14.37.58

Time to wrap it all up in bacon. Because, you know, BACON! I just went with some inexpensive, thin sliced bacon.2015-07-06 14.39.52

I used one slice per egg. If you let your bacon sit out a few minutes it will be nice and soft and easier to stretch as you wrap the egg. Now, wrap ’em up.2015-07-06 14.53.34

Get your smoker going. In my case I am using my Weber with a short fuse and one big chunk of apple wood. I sprinkled some of my coffee rub all around the eggs before I placed them on the Weber.Β 2015-07-06 15.38.04

It took about an hour and a halfΒ at 225 degrees to get the bacon to where I like it.2015-07-06 17.13.15

Then I brushed on some sauce. Again, use whatever you like. Mine was a 50/50 mix of Sweet Baby Ray’s Chipotle and Honey mixed with my own spicy raspberry sauce. I then let them go for another half hour to caramelize the sauce some. When they are done pull them off and let them rest for at least 20 minutes.Β A little leakage from only one is what I call a win.2015-07-06 18.22.19

Holy moly were they delicious! If you like SPICY as I do, you will love these little beauties. When cut open they almost look like an egg. The cheese “yolk” did just as I was expecting…YAY! Hope you enjoy.2015-07-06 18.46.27

Meet Meat!

17 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs

  1. These look amazing! Also I nominated you back for the versatile blogger award!

    In following the rules, here are 7 facts about me:

    1. I live in New York City and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.
    2. I’m 100% Italian.
    3. I love cats.
    4. I live by myself and love it.
    5. I have a standing mixer in my bathroom pantry.
    6. I don’t really miss being a dietitian.
    7. I just started watching Daredevil and it’s awesome.

    ….very random, but that’s how my mind works sometimes lol.

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