Smoked Pulled Pork

Mmmm, pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw. That’s what I wanted. Once I got my pork butt (shoulder), it was time to get that going.2015-07-11 18.15.55

I started off by injecting it with a mixture of “Not Your Father’s” root beer, Tapatio, vinegar and soy sauce.2015-07-11 18.19.40

It made about a cup which I injected into the roast.2015-07-11 18.24.46

Next up is the rub. I made up some with brown sugar, garlic pepper, coffee and some of my chorizo seasoning for sausage making.2015-07-11 16.58.58

Rub it all over the roast and try to get it into all the nooks and crannies. I put that unwrapped hunk of seasoned pork in the fridge over night. 2015-07-11 18.28.21

Now getting up at 6 AM to start making dinner is not for everyone, so I just stayed up. 🙂 I set up the Weber with a really long fuse and three big chunks of apple wood and filled the drip pan with water. After it was all preheated to 230 ish degrees I carefully put the pork on. Yay…smoking away! Time for bed.

After about 12 hours my chunk of flesh is ready. When I stuck the probe in to check the temp it was like gliding into softened butter, somewhere around 200 degrees. Take it off and cover and let rest as long as you can hold out or until it is almost time to eat. Pull the bone out and shred, pull or chop all the pork, fat and bark. 2015-07-12 18.01.34

I served it with some Sweet Baby Rays I diluted with a little vinegar and beer, homemade coleslaw and white bread. Some crispy, smokey bark bits, juicy meat and that acidity from the sauce it was so delicious.The leftovers will make great enchiladas I’m thinking!2015-07-13 10.42.10

Meet Meat!

12 thoughts on “Smoked Pulled Pork

    1. I have heard people use loins but the 200-ish degrees needed the get it to pull apart state dries out the less fatty cuts like you found out. When you do the shoulder, that’s when all the magic happens and the collagen and fats break down, so the meat is not super fatty especially if you pull it and remove any bigger fatty chunks.

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    1. Thanks CC! Just a sale at the local store. I have been seeing some folks in the forums getting pork butts for 99 cents a pound on sale! I should have got another to make some sausage, oh well, next time.

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      1. I have an annual HUGE BBQ (I call it the Porkapalooza) in August every year. (If you ever find yourself in Southwestern Ontario {west of Toronto}, and you want to come by and STUFF yourself … you’re MOST welcome) 🙂
        Anyway … the reason I mention that is, I’ve been buying and freezing Pork butts all winter long for this event but … I’ve never seen them that cheap up here. Check this out from two years ago …

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