Smoked Bacon Wrapped Canadian London Broil

I know I have not posted anything in a little while. I have not really made anything too blog-worthy and this will be short and sweet as well. So, a little while back I did a “Canadian London Broil” from my friend Doug over at Carnivore Confidential. I used the same top round steak about 1/2 inch thick and pounded it out and used a sweet Italian sausage in the middle. This time I did not slice it first and grill it. I wrapped the whole thing in some thick sliced bacon and smoked it for about 3 hours at 225-ish degrees over apple wood. May have cooked a little long but I was waiting for the bacon to be to my liking. Truly fantastic! Better try this one Doug. πŸ™‚2015-08-09 17.23.56

Served with some yam rice-otto and kale salad. Thanks for checking in…2015-08-09 17.38.12

Meet Meat!

8 thoughts on “Smoked Bacon Wrapped Canadian London Broil

  1. Thx for the shout-out Tony!! πŸ™‚
    This looks GREAT!!
    Will try for sure.
    Question for you … I just bought a beautiful piece of Brisket (the point section … my FAVOURITE) Do you have a good recipe for brining/pickling/cooking a nice corned beef brisket??
    Cheers buddy
    And … stay hungry πŸ™‚

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