Spicy Smoked Pastrami

Yay! This week my little blog here received it’s 1000th visitor from 30 different countries around the globe. I wanted to do something special and I found a deal on some good corned beef…well at least at this time of the year. Time to make pastrami! I started by soaking the corned beef in water to leach out some of the salt. I soaked it for about 12 hours, changing the water every two hours or so. I then dried it off and made a rub with lots of fresh cracked pepper, coriander, crushed red peppers, garlic and onion powder. and some brown sugar. I coated the meat with the rub and left in in the fridge unwrapped on a wire rack for about 48 hours.2015-08-12 13.27.40

Time to put it on the Weber for a long apple wood smoke at 225ish degrees. The temp started to drop after about 8.5 hours so I pulled it off and let it cool.2015-08-12 22.31.49

Once cooled, I wrapped it up to sit until the next day. Slicing meat is always easier when it is cold. Lots of people may have trimmed the fat more but it is so delicious when it is done I just can’t waste it like that. Once it is hot, it just melts in your mouth.2015-08-14 11.20.47

Time to make some “Rachel” sandwiches which is a Reuben made with pastrami rather than corned beef. I sliced the meat about 1/8 inch thick and placed into my steamer pot for about half an hour to get hot and tender. While that is working I made up some quick 1000 island dressing, fried up my sauerkraut, buttered my light rye bread and got that into a hot skillet with some smoked Gouda cheese (I did not have any Swiss). Delicious indeed! This spicy and smokey pastrami is better than the junk you buy from your local grocery store deli and costs about half as much. Hope you enjoy and thanks for your continued support. 🙂2015-08-14 11.45.31

Meet Meat!

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