Caramelized Onion Stuffed Bacon Cheeseburger

I had a cheeseburger craving. It is unlike me to not have had a good burger in about a month or so. I had everything to make a bacon cheeseburger but wanted to doctor it up some. I peeled and sliced up an onion to caramelize in a little butter with a pinch of sugar and salt. The sugar promotes caramelization and the salt helps to draw out the moisture.2016-01-18 15.37.20.jpg

Must have bacon! I made a sheet of bacon weave to cut into quarters which is the perfect size for a burger and it is like having two layers of bacon…perfect. It went in the 350 degree for about 35 minutes flipped over half way through.2016-01-18 15.37.342016-01-18 16.27.26

Now, on to the burger patties. I took a pound of 80/20 ground beef (for shame, I know, as I did not grind my own) and divided it into four equal-ish balls and formed into patties.2016-01-18 17.20.41

Divide the onions in half and place on top of the patties. 2016-01-18 17.22.18

Top with a nice chunk of cheddar cheese.2016-01-18 17.23.43

Top with another patty and seal the edges together. I then seasoned generously with garlic powder, kosher salt and pepper.2016-01-18 17.30.37

Into a nice, hot pan to get a good crust on there.2016-01-18 17.40.56

Into a HOT oven to finish and melt the cheese.2016-01-18 17.56.54

Got my buns all toasted and hit them with some mayo, mustard, ketchup and pickles. Ugh…I am out of pickles. OK, so no pickles. 2016-01-18 18.02.04

Wonderful! This definitely hit the spot of my cheeseburger craving. The burger was juicy, the onions sweet, the cheese all melty and the bacon…was bacon. 🙂2016-01-18 18.03.47

Meet Meat!




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