Smoked Pulled Beef

I got a great deal on a 7 bone beef chuck roast the other day and I wanted to smoke it for some pulled beef. 2016-02-20 10.34.01

I made a rub of salt, pepper, chorizo seasoning, oregano, garlic and onion powder, cumin, cayenne and coffee.2016-02-20 10.34.11

I rubbed the roast all over with the seasonings and put it on the grill. I am using a mix of apple and cherry chips for this. 2016-02-20 11.36.34

The temperature was around 225 degrees and I let it go for about 5 hours until the internal temperature was up to 160 degrees. 2016-02-20 14.15.12

Next I placed into a pan to braise in the oven to get to my target temperature of 203 degrees. I poured in a cup of beef stock and a little Worcestershire and some chopped up carrots then covered with foil. Into the oven at 225 until done. I then removed the roast and covered it to let rest for half an hour. I then reduced the leftover liquid by about half and pulled the beef removing and bone, big chunks of fat and gristle. I added another dose of the rub and poured the reduced juices back into the meat and mixed thoroughly.2016-02-20 18.14.59

Fantastic! I served it over a tater tot waffle (defrosted tater tots placed in a single layer in the waffle maker until crispy and brown) with the carrots. Smoky, juicy, salty beef was just what I needed. You could easily use it to make tacos or BBQ beef sammies. I have used it to make spaghetti sauce as well…so good! 2016-02-20 18.19.44

I made stock out of the bone, scrap and fat then I used my leftover meat to make chili. Delicious stuff I must say. You can use any chili recipe you like and just substitute the smoked pulled beef for the meat in the recipe. Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoyed.2016-02-21 18.06.15

Meet Meat!

9 thoughts on “Smoked Pulled Beef

    1. Thanks Conor, it turned out real nice. I do not have a nice covered patio for my grill and smokers so I don’t do too much in the winter but we have had some nicer weather here the last few weeks.

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