Baby Back Ribs

I know I have done ribs a few times here and I was not going to be posting these but I have to say that they may have been my best ones EVER. So this is going to be short and sweet with several pics so you can drool some too. πŸ™‚ I seasoned them with a rub of salt, pepper, cayenne, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, coffee and a bit of sugar.2016-02-24 22.39.53

Wrapped and let sit in the fridge over night. Onto the old Weber with a snake coal setup with apple and cherry chips at 225 degrees.2016-02-25 13.53.20

2 hours in and they are looking good.2016-02-25 16.43.26

4 hours…2016-02-25 19.05.10

Done. A little over 5 hours. Time to rest wrapped in some foil for about half an hour.2016-02-25 19.58.27

They sliced cleanly.2016-02-25 20.02.30

Plenty of smoke ring and super moist still.2016-02-25 20.07.27

They were delicious as is with no sauce but I did make a wonderful sweet and spicy sauce so I had to eat that too. πŸ™‚2016-02-25 20.07.11

I love to be able to take a bite and the whole thing not fall apart. They were very tender and it was easy to get all the meat off the bones without it falling off. I do not think it would be possible to have these cooked any better. Hope ya liked these phenomenal ribs as much as I did (too bad ya couldn’t try them).  😦2016-02-25 20.08.55

Meet Meat!


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