Smoked Beef Brisket Flat

I scored a nice, 3 lb hunk of brisket from my guy at the butcher counter. I have not done a regular brisket before but have done a couple corned beef briskets for pastrami. I applied generous amounts of my coffee rub to all sides and wrapped in plastic wrap and let that sit for 3 days in the fridge. I setup the Weber with as long of a fuse as I could and still be able to get my drip pan in there. I used cherry and apple chips since that is what I had on hand. Once the Weber got up to 225 degrees I placed the brisket onto the well lubed grate. I was getting a late start and figured I would not be eating until midnight since it was already 12:30 when I threw it on. It’s OK, I had plenty of beer. 🙂2016-03-09 12.27.19

I am taking it up to 191 degrees internal temperature. After about 3 hours it hit the stall at 161 degrees and stayed there for a little over 3 hours. I could have wrapped it in foil to finish the cook (Texas crutch) but I really wanted the bark to develop more so I pushed on unwrapped. My grill temperatures were fluctuating due to the rain falling but I was able to keep it between 210 and 250 until the fuse ran out which was about 7.5 hours.2016-03-09 17.35.01

To finish it I brought it in the house and stuck it in the oven at 250 degrees. It took about another hour and a half. Once it hit 191 I double wrapped it in foil and wrapped it in a towel and placed it into a small Styrofoam cooler to rest for 2 hours. While it was resting I went out and got my drip pan and strained everything into a big glass to let it separate. After I skimmed the fat, I poured off the good juice in a small saucepan with a touch of salt to reduce until I had about a cup of the smokey goodness. Well, when that was done it was almost exactly midnight.2016-03-10 00.04.56

My reasoning behind the 191 was to get it nice and tender but not taking it so far that it falls apart when I slice it. It worked for the most part which was perfect! We had some very nice slices and some that just fell apart. Best of both worlds!2016-03-10 00.13.042016-03-10 00.17.25

I poured the reduced juices over everything and dove in! 2016-03-10 00.23.36

I would have to say my first regular brisket was a success. It was smokey with great beefy flavor and fork tender. It had a great smoke ring and the bark was fantastic! Next time I need to do a whole packer for sure, but on my big smoker. Thanks for hanging out and I hope you try a brisket soon!2016-03-10 00.27.18

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