One Year Old!

Yay! Today my little slice of the inter-webs turns one year old. Sadly, I did not do anything special. I do have a few photos that have not made it to the blog here over the past month or so for you to drool over. πŸ™‚ First though, I would like to give a shout out to all 122 of my followers and fellow bloggers. Thank you so much for the likes and comments on all of my strange and wonderful creations and for being the inspiration on many posts. I have made 48 posts over the course of the last year that have been viewed by almost 3500 visitors. Obviously, some did better than others.

Here is a quick rundown of my top 3 posts by views:

  1. London Broil…Canadian StyleΒ Tops the list with 771 views.
  2. Pan-Seared Cross Rib SteakΒ  Close second with 725 views.
  3. Beef and Chorizo Onion BombsΒ A distant thirdΒ with 356 views.

Although the numbers don’t really mean anything, it is interesting to see.

All right…now onto some photos. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Porterhouse, pancetta wrapped asparagus with Bearnaise and garlic mashed potatoes.2016-03-15 20.11.16

Espresso braised corned beef with cabbage and carrots.2016-03-17 19.06.03

Cheese steaks and onion rings.2016-03-22 21.40.18

Slow roasted pulled pork, Rice-a-roni and baby Brussels sprouts.2016-03-27 22.49.16

Spicy chicken and olives, thin hummus with feta and some pita bread.2016-04-03 18.20.05

Carne asada tacos with sweet garlic jalapenos.2016-04-07 20.05.09

Sausage balls and baked potato.2016-04-10 17.06.07

Smoked baby backs with blackberry BBQ sauce, jalapeno slaw and some grillin’ beans.2016-04-11 19.39.07

Braised chicken over rice with carrots.2016-04-12 18.35.47

Well, there ya have it. Thanks for stopping in and celebrating my one year anniversary with me!

Meet Meat!

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