Smoked Egg Yolks

While I was making dinner, I decided I needed to experiment a little. I have done smoked eggs before and I heard they were good but the yolks had no smokiness to them at all. I do not eat the egg whites. Just ewww, must be a texture thing. People find it strange that I lick the filling out of deviled eggs and discard the little boat it came in. Hard boiled eggs have never been a problem to peel for me since I just pop the yolk out, toss the white and shell as one large mass, sprinkle with salt and enjoy. I just wanted some smoked eggs and figured I could accomplish this by separating the yolks from their gross slime. Once separated, I placed them into a little foil boat that I sprayed with non-stick spray and topped them off with a touch of sea salt.

Oh yeah, I was also smoking my little pork loin and some cabbage. I know this is a little strange since the meat is not really the star of the show here. One could say that the yolks are sort of meat…”smoked boneless baby chicken” as one guy on Facebook put it. 🙂 The pork loin was just covered in a spicy rub and the half of a cabbage was cut into 3 wedges and topped with a little EVOO, salt and pepper.2016-04-17 15.36.05

I got the Weber rolling at around 225 degrees with some apple and cherry chips. I knew the eggs would not take long to cook. After about 45 minutes I was able to move one without it bursting open and it seemed set up enough. I attempted to pick it up and that was a success, although still a touch soft, so I took the foil boat out and was able to remove the yolks without issue. Once on a plate I cut into one and there was the runny yolk! The texture was just as you would expect, a little skin-like outside, and about over medium in the middle. The flavor was a wonderful, smoky, eggy goodness with a hint of salt. I just devoured all three…delicious! Next time I will try and use some rub on them and maybe cook them a little less to get more of the gooeyness which would be egg-cellent on top of a burger or a steak! Maybe cook them a touch longer and add to potato salad or grated over pasta like they do with the cured egg yolks bottarga. My imagination is going wild. 🙂2016-04-17 16.37.47

Now onto the pork loin and cabbage. I cooked the loin until it was 140 degrees internal temperature, about 2 hours total. I pulled the loin and wrapped it in foil, then a towel and stuck it into my smallish cooler to rest for about half an hour. For the cabbage I cut the stem out and placed it in a bowl and covered with film while the pork rested. Nice grill marks on the loin and just look at the color on that cabbage! 2016-04-17 17.52.262016-04-17 17.17.18

The pork was so tender I did not need a knife and it was just the right combination of smoky, salty, spicy goodness. The cabbage drizzled with a little Balsamic was not over cooked but was tender with some crispy bits on the edges and great smoke flavor. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this one!2016-04-17 17.56.43

Meet Meat!

13 thoughts on “Smoked Egg Yolks

  1. Slightly disgusting, but we all have our egg eccentricities—I have to carefully remove the protein strings stuck to each yolk before scrambling or frying with a spoon and table knife. I slide the spoon under it and pinch the string onto the spoon with a knife, then toss it in the sink. Most of the time I don’t break the yolk, as I’ve been doing this for decades! for hard-boiled eggs, I just pretend they aren’t there, which is successful most of the time. Now who’s crazy?

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  2. Brilliant! There’s 1,000 directions this can be taken. You’ve given me something to think about all day. I hope the boss understands when he sees me staring into space with a lustfull look on my face all day.

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  3. Sounds like we should be eating buddies…I am an egg white omelette kind of guy. You can have all of the yolks that I am tossing out 🙂

    All the same, very interesting idea!!

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