Smoked Spam!

I decided to have a little fun here. I have been seeing lots of folks smoking stuff that I normally would not think about. I did smoke some egg yolks as my last little experiment but I had never seen that one done. This time it was Spam! Mmm…that wonderful, salty, gelatinous, canned pork product! I love slicing and frying some Spam in a pan until it gets quite crispy and making a sandwich with it or eating it with some scrambled eggs and toast. That however, does not happen often though. (Which is probably a good thing). I keep forgetting to buy a can to try it but I actually remembered the other day. It’s on now!2016-05-11 15.57.34

I scored the top of the congealed meat block in about 1/4 inch squares and 1/4 inch deep then proceeded to add my rub mixed with equal parts brown sugar, making sure to coat all 6 sides nicely. It then got to chill in the fridge until the Weber was ready. 2016-05-11 16.03.23

I was also smoking some bacon wrapped chicken thighs so I figured the timing would be close to the same. Turns out, I was right! I used some mesquite and apple wood this time. It took about 2.5 hours at 225-ish degrees. It would have been less time but I opened it up to glaze the chicken a couple times which cooled things down a bit. Once the chicken hit 165, I checked the Spam for the heck of it and it was about 170 (not that it mattered since it IS fully cooked anyhow). 2016-05-11 19.51.26

It had rendered some its fat and had gotten a decent “bark” on it. I let it rest for about 15 minutes with the chicken. Not really sure that I need to say it was very tender, but it was! It had great smokey flavor and a little sweetness from the brown sugar on the bark which was nice. It seemed to me the saltiness of the Spam was subdued a bit by the smoke and the sugar which was not a bad thing. All in all a success. I will definitely do this again. I think with the next one I will stuff with some cheese and maybe some green onions or peppers and wrap it in bacon because that is kinda my thing. 😛2016-05-11 20.11.16

I chilled what was left. The next morning I pan fried a couple slices until just crispy.2016-05-12 11.32.29

I then made a very healthy (lol) sandwich with jalapenos, scrambled egg and Cheez Whiz on a nice toasted English muffin. Mmm….move over Ronald! Well, thanks for checking out more of my ridiculous endeavors into smoking the unusual fare.2016-05-12 11.42.10

Meet Meat!


22 thoughts on “Smoked Spam!

  1. Ha! Awesome! Great idea! You should find a Hawaii food board or something and post this since many Hawaiians love SPAM. I might try this in my smoker as well and use it to make my SPAM musubi recipe!

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  2. I’d drop $5 or more for that sandwich and be more than glad I did! That’s some amazing stuff right there.
    (side note: When you post a pic in smoking meat low and slow add a blog link 😉)

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