Bacon Wrapped Sausage Wrapped Sausages

So, I was going to make some poor man’s burnt ends with a chuck roast I had bought but unfortunately, it was still frozen. Oh, I know, I have a couple good hot links. Ah ha, I can wrap them in bacon. Oh, wait, I have some bacon flavored sausage too. Oh, it is on now…frankendog time! I also added a pickle slice, some cheese and mustard for good measure. 2016-05-18 13.55.46

I split the JD sausage in two and placed into zippered sandwich bags and flattened them out.2016-05-18 14.00.37

Then I built my creation.2016-05-18 14.05.10

Carefully rolled them up, sealed the seam and ends and then hit them with my rub. Next it was time to wrap with a little bacon.2016-05-18 14.47.40

Onto the Weber with some hickory chips at about 200 degrees. I also threw on a small jar’s worth of midget dill pickles (something else I have seen done recently and just had to try). 2016-05-18 16.15.54

I let the pickles go for an hour and a half then pulled them, cooled them down and back into the jar with the pickle juice. Of course I had to try one hot off the grill. Wow! What a great addition to a pickle. The smokiness seemed to make them taste dillier. (Is that even a word)? Next time I will do bigger pickles but hollowed out and stuffed. Probably wrapped in bacon too. 🙂 Anyhow, after the bacon was done to my liking I glazed the sausages very lightly with some BBQ sauce. I did not want BBQ flavor just a nice shine. Beautiful!2016-05-18 19.24.47

Juicy, spicy, salty and smokey! Fantastic indeed. They could have used twice that amount of cheese and another pickle slice probably and they did not need the rub as they were a touch salty but not over powering. I will be making similar creations again for sure. The smoked pickles were a nice addition as they cut through some of the fattiness and saltiness of the sausages. Well, thanks for checking out this new crazy deliciousness. Until next time…2016-05-18 19.53.10

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