Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

Normally burnt ends are made from the point of a whole brisket. Once it has reached a certain temperature, it is removed from the smoker and the meat is cut into cubes and tossed in a little sauce and some extra rub in a pan and placed back onto the smoker or grill to get all caramelized and tender. I have seen people making them out of a chuck roast which they call poor man’s burnt ends. Now I am not sure that’s the best name for them as the last few times I have bought a chuck roast it has been more per pound than brisket. Maybe it is because a chuck roast can be had in much smaller sizes. Anyhow, I did find about a 3 pound chuck roast and decided to give it a go.

I added a ton of rub to the chuck roast and let it sit while I got the Weber setup for smoking. I used a very long snake/fuse hoping to get about 8 hours at 225° -ish. I used some apple chunks and a touch of mesquite. Once up to temp I placed the roast on and covered her up for a nice smoking.2016-05-19 08.23.00

My timing seemed to be spot on as after 8 hours the fuse was almost gone and meat had come up to about 170° internal temperature. Now I would have liked to keep going to about 195° but I would have had to reset the Weber and I just flat out did not want to do that. I also did not have an extra foil pan to use and did not want to put my glass one on the grill. Time for a little cheating here I guess. I pulled the meat and wrapped it in foil to rest for about half an hour.2016-05-19 16.51.30

Once rested, I cut it into about 3/4 inch cubes. I put them into a pan and added some more rub, some BBQ sauce and some vinegar and tossed it all together.2016-05-19 17.04.06

So now we are going to braise in the oven rather than in the smoker. It went into a 250° oven for about 4 more hours stirring about every half an hour until tender and caramelized.2016-05-19 20.17.12

I know, 12 hours is a long time to be cooking but you cannot rush good food. These burnt ends were fantastic! They were everything I had hoped for. Smokey, salty, sweet, sour, spicy and oh so tender but with a nice chew. Next time I will have to start a little earlier and finish them in the smoker since I would have liked a little more smoke on the finished product. Well, I hoped you liked this creation and thanks for stopping by.2016-05-19 20.21.24

Meet Meat!

12 thoughts on “Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

    1. Nice, thanks Audrey. I was just picking at the leftovers all night from the fridge and munching them…lol. Probably should have saved some for a sandwich the next day. Yeah…hard to get ANY beef on the cheap nowadays it seems.

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      1. Hmmm…I haven’t had Spam since a few years ago when I was in Hawaii – they sure do love it there! I wonder how ‘Caramelized’ Burnt Spam would taste??! LOL 🙂

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