Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb

I have been eyeballing these legs of lamb for quite a while now. I was at the grocery store and they had several that were marked down 50%. Score! Now, I have never cooked a leg of lamb but I knew that it would be best about medium and since lamb is kind of gamey for some folks I wanted a real powerful rub and a nice minty sauce. This semi-boneless leg of lamb weighed in at just under 4.25 lbs.2016-06-14 16.39.04

I decided that I wanted it boneless to make it easier to season well throughout and to make carving easier in the end. I basically just cut a straight line down to the bone and then carefully all the way around the bone. Not too difficult.2016-06-14 16.43.56

For the rub I am using a few sprigs of fresh cilantro, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, fresh ground black pepper, some smoked salt and a bunch of chopped garlic.2016-06-14 16.23.52

I put that all into my mini food processor and drizzled in some EVOO to make a nice paste. The picture is kind of horrible but the paste is the consistency of pesto almost and the smell was fantastic!2016-06-14 16.26.33

The lamb was almost 2 inches thick but there was a large muscle that I butterflied so that it laid down almost flat. I then took my knife and cut a cross hatch pattern about 1 inch deep and 1 inch apart on both sides of my lamb. I then took the paste and rubbed half of it on each side of the lamb.2016-06-14 16.49.53

Time to roll it up and secure it with some twine and a few little metal skewers I had from a turkey trussing kit. Once it was all rolled up, I covered it with plastic wrap and placed it into the refrigerator for about 24 hours to marinate and absorb some of the herby goodness.2016-06-14 17.05.40

I decided to use my Brinkmann vertical water smoker. For the fuel I am using a 2×2 fuse (snake) of briquettes. I did some testing here a while back and I can hold about 230°, give or take 10°, for about 5-6 hours with this setup. I am using some dry apple and hickory wood chips for this smoke. 2016-06-15 15.13.19

I have had this beast for quite a long time and the water pan had a couple holes in it so I just fill that with sand to act as a big heat sink. Directly above that I put a grate and a drip pan filled with water. Then the top grate is sprayed and the lamb goes on. 2016-06-15 16.33.49

My phone was making a racket which means my lamb had reached 135° internal temperature. Once rested that should get it up to about 140° and a near perfect medium. I removed the lamb and wrapped it in foil and it went into the cooler to rest for about an hour while I made some saffron rice and collard greens. What a picture, the color is so fantastic!2016-06-15 19.46.18

Rested and ready to slice. Don’t forget to remove the twine and skewers!2016-06-15 20.58.02

Once I started slicing (and tasting) I knew we had a winner! Perfect temperature, great smoke ring, super juicy and very herbacious. I made a very light sauce with vinegar, mint, sugar and crushed red peppers. Almost a sweet and spicy mint au jus. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this meal plated but I got the most important parts I think. Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this creation!2016-06-15 21.00.39

Meet Meat!


16 thoughts on “Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb

    1. Thanks Gary. I have been wanting to try a shoulder for pulling but I have not found one whole yet. Seems they cut them into steaks around here. I can’t wait to try though. I may have to special order one here soon.

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      1. I suppose because Australia’s economy rode on the back of sheep for so long our supermarkets carry most of the popular cuts including whole shoulder, boneless rolls and deboned whole shoulder. Butchers will also debone and give you them with the flesh for roasting. There is a strong Greek influence here too which means lamb is always popular (and sadly expensive). It used to be cheap meat.

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  1. Tony, the shot of that meat sitting on the barbecue is spectacular. I really love your method. I have a Bradley smoker out in the shed and I must give something along these lines a go. Great work.

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