Low and Slow Pulled Pork

I bought this 4.5 lb Boston butt (pork shoulder) to make some buckboard bacon. It just so happens that I had made bacon and Canadian bacon (not blogged but I have before here) recently and decided I did not need any more cured meat for a bit so I am going to turn this into pulled pork for some nice sandwiches. I have done pulled pork for the blog before but this one was especially good so I thought I would share. Got it rubbed the night before so it could chill in the fridge over night. I put it onto the Weber with a very long fuse and mesquite for the smoke.2016-06-26 10.15.17

This thing had a horrible stall at 163° which lasted over 3 hours. About two hours into the stall I decided to wrap it in foil to push through, which is something I normally do not do but I wanted to eat before 10 pm. 🙂2016-06-26 17.00.38

Once wrapped and back onto the Weber it finally hit 203° after 10 total hours of cooking which is where I pull it off the heat and let rest while I made my fries to go with the sandwiches. Time to shred/pull the pork. The bone came out effortlessly.2016-06-26 21.45.02

Look at the juices, bark and smoke ring there! So hard to not eat it all while pulling.2016-06-26 21.46.29

I managed to save some for the sandwiches.2016-06-26 21.57.33

So for my sandwiches I had to have some slaw. Ugh, I forgot cabbage. I had made some strange, spicy pickled cabbage with green food coloring for fun a while back and decided I could use that with some celery and carrots in a sweet and creamy sauce. Strange color but delicious. 2016-06-26 13.13.21

I made a version of an eastern Carolina style sauce using orange soda instead of water. It was very good. Sweet, sour and spicy. Perfect contrast to the rich, salty, smokey pulled pork.2016-06-26 18.24.37

Time to put together a nice sandwich or three (yes, I ate three of them…lol). I just used a basic, toasted hamburger bun and piled on the pork, slaw and sauce. Wow. Maybe the best pulled pork sandwich ever! 2016-06-26 22.23.36

I figured I would show ya my sandwich for lunch the next day. I warmed the pork up in some of the sauce, added some leftover fries and added a bunch of Cheez Whiz onto a nice hoagie roll. Big flavor…big mess!2016-06-27 13.53.15

Last but not least, I did not want another sandwich so I turned the leftover pork into enchiladas verde. Salsa verde and cream cheese makes a wonderful sauce. I also added in a can of black beans, some rice and diced onion to the pork with a little chili powder, cumin, garlic and salt for the filling. Dip the tortillas into the sauce, fill and roll and place into your baking pan. Top with the remaining sauce and a package of Mexican cheese blend and bake until hot and bubbly. 2016-06-27 19.42.28.jpg

Very good with a little sour cream, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Well, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by my little slice of the web!2016-06-27 19.49.34

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