Smoked Short Ribs and Pig Candy

So I got a deal on some short ribs since they were pretty mismatched. One was nice and big, two were so small I was not sure if there was any meat on them and one was middle-of-the-road. Strange package but for half off who was I to complain. I seasoned them up with my spicy coffee rub and popped them on the Weber for some low and slow smoking with mesquite. There was still plenty of room so I also threw on the last of my homemade bacon rubbed with cayenne and a generous amount of brown sugar for some pig candy.2016-07-10 14.26.54

I have always braised short ribs in the past so for this I am rolling at 225° and shooting for an internal temperature of about 180°. Some folks seem to like to cook them more, up to 205 for a shredded product but I really wanted some nice, tender slices. (At least from the big one). About 4 hours in they were up to 170° so I pulled my pig candy off, since it looked like it was done and let the ribs go for another hour or so.2016-07-10 16.54.46

Mmm. Pig candy is so delicious and so very hot! I only burned my finger and mouth a little bit as I foolishly took the smaller slice and inhaled it. I would suggest you make some now. You can do it in the oven even with any thick sliced bacon. 2016-07-10 17.46.50.jpg

Once the ribs hit 180° I pulled them off and wrapped ’em up for a nice rest while I microwaved a potato. I probably should have put it on the Weber but I really did not think that far ahead sadly. 2016-07-10 19.17.23

Once I had my potato all doctored up I pulled the ribs out and got one all sliced up. It was very tender and juicy indeed.2016-07-10 19.20.53

The big one that I had sliced was almost perfect. There was a little gristle but that is to be expected from short ribs it seems. The flavor was very nice and had just the right amount of smokiness. I just man handled the rest of the ribs, gnawing on them until there was nothing left except fat dripping off my hands and a few nice bones for some stock. Well, thanks for stopping and have a great day!2016-07-10 19.21.24

Meet Meat!

8 thoughts on “Smoked Short Ribs and Pig Candy

  1. Bacon rubbed with cayenne and brown sugar sounds like porky naughtiness! Absolutely divine! The ribs looked good and the short ribs in particular! 🙂

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