X5 Pork

I decided to create another monstrosity this week. This one is all about the pork. I used five different pork items here. There are red hots stuffed into a pork tenderloin with some pig candy then I wrapped that all up in sausage and wrapped the whole thing in bacon. So, let’s build this real quick here. I cut a slit into the tenderloin and put the red hots in there. I then squeezed in a bunch of sweet and spicy mustard and added a couple slices of pig candy. I sprinkled some of my favorite rub all over the outside of the tenderloin as well.2016-07-12 13.13.02

Next I made a nice blanket of country style sausage and added yellow mustard and sharp cheddar cheese.2016-07-12 13.31.58

I then placed the tenderloin onto it’s blanket and rolled it up carefully.2016-07-12 13.34.11

Next I wrapped bacon around the whole thing and secured each piece with a half of a toothpick. I added more rub to the outside then on to the Weber for some mesquite smoke.2016-07-12 16.07.23

I cooked it low and slow at about 225° until I reached an internal temp of 140°.2016-07-12 18.50.44

Bacon looks crispy enough. Time to rest wrapped in foil for about 20 minutes. How cool does that look? A little over-the-top maybe but wow, it was tasty! Porky pork for sure. So juicy and tender with a touch of mustard flavor and a little spice from the red hots, mustard and the rub. 2016-07-12 19.58.30

The next night I made some bolognese sauce for spaghetti from the leftovers. I just ran the pork through my grinder and created a rich, delicious sauce that included a ton of garlic and crushed red peppers. You can use any sauce recipe you like since it is all about the X5 pork in it. It was one of the best plates of spaghetti ever! Hope you found this a little amusing and disturbing. It sure was a fun cook. Thanks for stopping by.2016-07-13 19.54.43

Meet Meat!


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