Smoked Pork Belly

I was going to make bacon again but decided to try a couple different ways of doing pork belly instead. This hunk of belly is nice and meaty. Start by removing the skin. Take your time so you don’t leave a bunch of fat on the skin. 2016-07-13 11.53.18

Not the best job on this one as I got a little carried away. It is still going to cook and taste the same though.2016-07-13 12.02.41

I used a simple rub of salt, pepper, brown sugar and cayenne. I coated the belly pretty thick and it chilled in the fridge, covered, for about 48 hours.2016-07-13 12.09.26

On to the Weber for some cherry smoke. It cooked at 225° until it reached an internal temp of 165° and had some wonderful color to it.2016-07-15 15.44.49.jpg

I let it cool then sliced it into some nice half inch thick slabs.2016-07-15 19.16.35

Into a super hot pan for a good searing, about 90 seconds per side.2016-07-15 20.04.39

How fantastic! The salty, fatty pork belly with a hint of heat and sweet, had great texture from the searing, great smoke flavor and was super rich. I served it with homemade flat bread and hummus and some cheapo pasta salad. So tasty! 2016-07-15 20.09.56

If you happen to have leftovers you could do as I did and wrap it in foil with a little cola and bring it up to about 200° for some pulled pork belly. I am going to do a whole slab of belly like this one day! It was fantastic. Pulled pork that tastes just like bacon is ridiculous. Best. Pulled. Pork. Ever! Thanks for checking out this meaty installment.2016-07-16 20.39.18

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