Eggsperimental Martian Eggs

I found these little avocados that are about the size of an egg and just had to buy them. So…what to do besides guacamole? I know, I will put an egg yolk inside them and encase them in sausage and wrap them in bacon. I dub thee “Martian Eggs”!2016-08-07 19.48.01

This should be interesting. I started by cutting the avocados open and removing the pit. Then I gently scooped the meat out of the skin. I placed them into some cold water with some lime juice mixed in it for a minute or so to prevent browning. I then placed them onto a paper towel to dry a bit.2016-08-07 12.51.04

I flipped them over to start the filling.2016-08-07 12.52.32

I carefully separated the egg yolks and placed them into their new home. Hopefully they close nicely. yolk

Time to give each avocado a little pig coating. I used about 4 oz of sausage per avocado.2016-08-07 13.03.31

Got them all stuffed and wrapped!2016-08-07 13.12.47

Wrapped each one in a slice of peppered bacon and then it was onto the Weber for some apple smoke at about 240° until the bacon is just done. I am really hoping for a nice runny yolk.2016-08-07 16.09.59

Bacon looks perfect!2016-08-07 18.03.12

The moment of truth…not what I was hoping for exactly but they were super good. Definitely rich and meaty. I had someone suggest that I freeze the yolks next time before stuffing. I will have to give that a shot. I will use chorizo for the next ones to give them a little kick as well. I would also like a little acidic glaze on there to cut through some of the richness. All in all it was a success! Well, thanks for looking at my crazy nonsense again. 🙂2016-08-07 18.10.40

Meet Meat!




18 thoughts on “Eggsperimental Martian Eggs

  1. Wowza! I’m not a avocado 🥑 fan, but I’d try this, and I too will freeze the yolk first. This will be a great healthy low carb meal for me!
    Thank you so much! 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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