Sweet and Spicy Chicken on a Stick

I did a post  of chicken on a stick over a year ago. I decided we could squeeze in another here. I started out by trimming the thighs of excess fat and cutting into strips. Those went into a marinade of soy, honey, ginger, garlic, cayenne, lime juice and water for about 24 hours. I soaked my skewers for the same amount of time so I would not forget to do that later. Skewered onto the bamboo and onto the Weber which I set up for indirect heat. 2016-08-04 20.02.10

I basted and turned every ten minutes or so. For my basting sauce I used my version of eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce that I had leftover from some pulled pork. It consisted of vinegar, brown sugar, crushed red peppers and a little hot sauce. I kept turning and basting until the sauce was gone then I finished the chicken over the coals to get a little char and really caramelize the sauce.2016-08-04 20.47.252016-08-04 20.52.46

Mmm…just so spicy and good! Quite the strange mashup of soy type marinade and vinegar based, spicy BBQ sauce. I also made a little coconut curry rice and some sauteed beet greens and onions. Delicious and I wish I had more. Thanks for stopping by.2016-08-04 20.59.36

Meet Meat!


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