New toy!

Last month I bought myself a new toy to play with. After I received an email with a code for $50 off of the Anova Precision Cooker I had to pull the trigger. Since I have received my new sous vide device I have been using it a ton! Probably 4-5 nights a week. So far the results have exceeded my expectations. Delicious, moist, tender EVERYTHING!

For this post I am just going to give you some pics and maybe time and temperatures I have been using. So here we go.

It is the blue tooth version and can be controlled by an app on your your phone or straight from the touch screen on the device.2017-03-23 19.31.56

First thing I did was a bone-in chicken breast. 150° for 2.5 hours. 2017-03-23 23.08.38

I have done several things with eggs. Scrambled, hard boiled and oil poached yolks.

167° for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 for these delicate scrambled eggs.2017-03-26 12.25.22

Hard boiled at 165° for 1 hour.2017-04-16 12.31.02

Oil poached for 2 hours at 145°. I also did some in bacon fat that were phenomenal!2017-03-26 14.27.592017-03-26 14.30.37

I cooked my peameal bacon for about 6 hours at 140°. These eggs were poached for about 5 at 140 which is too long to keep them super runny but still delicious.2017-04-16 20.15.23

Boneless chicken thighs at 165° for 6 hours. Easily fork tender.2017-04-09 21.20.03

Nice little 5 lb pork butt. Smoked to 140°, about 4 hours and finished sous vide for 24 hours at 165. Super tender…a little shorter cooking time might give a better bite. 2017-04-03 17.18.072017-04-03 18.28.02.jpg

Nice top sirloin. 129° 2 hours. Could go longer to get a little more tender but the temp is perfect!2017-04-05 22.39.35

This burger at 130° for 2.5 hours. Horrible bun but topped with my favorite Cheez Whiz 🙂 and pepperoncini.2017-04-16 23.46.33

All in all I am loving my new toy and will continue to use excessively and experiment. Hope ya liked this post and I think you should try some sous vide cooking if you have not. It is fantastic!

Meet Meat!




9 thoughts on “New toy!

      1. I’m very tempted. I already do a ‘version’ with my vacuum sealing machine. If I do a slow roast, I’ll immediately cut up portions and vacuum seal them and then put them in the freezer. I then pull them out when I want them and put them in a saucepan and keep the temperature at around 60 °C for 45 minutes to heat the meat through. It’s always tender and moist.

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