Sous Vide Rib Eye

Hi all. I am still playing with my sous vide device. This time I decided to try a nice bone in rib eye steak. What a great idea. 🙂 I just hit both sides with some kosher salt and sealed it up. 2017-05-10 21.35.26

Into the bath at 131° for about 3 hours. After it was done I shocked it in ice water and got the temp back down to below 40°. I pulled it out of the bag and blotted it dry with some paper towels. Here it is, completely cooked, ready to eat (if you wanted to) and a wonderful shade of gray!2017-05-11 19.27.15

It doesn’t look like much yet, so it is time to get a nice crust on here and make it look a little more appetizing. I added a nice amount of salt and pepper to both sides.2017-05-11 19.28.40

I used my charcoal chimney starter with a grill on top to get a great sear. I flipped the steak over about every 30 seconds until the internal temperature was up to 125°. I did not want to over cook my steak here or that would have made the whole sous vide thing pretty pointless.2017-05-11 19.40.00

I had gone to the farmer’s market and bought some white icicle radishes and some green onions. I made a white puree with the radishes, onion bulbs and sour cream and a green puree with the radish greens, green onions and olive oil. 2017-05-11 20.00.24

What a great way to do steaks! Perfect medium rare and a nice sear. You could almost just use a fork to cut it. Well, this may have not been super informative but it is what it is…a fantastic steak! Hope you enjoyed this little post and thanks for stopping by. 2017-05-11 20.02.47

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