Bacon and Eggs…Sandwich

Not too long ago here I made some more bacon, just like before, except this time I pureed 3 whole jalapenos into the cure. It did have a little heat but it still needs more. 2017-05-01 09.47.54

After slicing it all up I took the thick end slices, cut them in half and sealed them up for a sous vide bath. (I sure am enjoying my new toy).2017-05-18 16.16.26

I also gently placed four egg yolks into a bag with some bacon fat.2017-05-18 16.13.26

I placed both bags into my sous vide setup and let them roll for about 3 hours at 145°. I pulled the bacon out and seared it in a very hot pan for just a minute or so to get some carmelization. It may have been a touch long for the eggs. They were very thick but still a bit runny. I toasted my asiago roll and tossed my fresh greens with a nice vinaigrette of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a little red curry paste. I topped that with a good amount of feta cheese, the bacon slabs and then the egg yolks.2017-05-18 19.50.12

I topped the sandwich and pressed it a bit to pop the yolks. Glorious! Tender and crispy bacon, the rich egg yolks, salty cheese and the greens with a touch of acidity to cut through all the delicious fattiness. Definitely one of my better sandwiches but stay away if you are on a diet! Hope ya drooled a little and thanks for stopping by. 😛2017-05-18 19.51.27

Meet Meat!


11 thoughts on “Bacon and Eggs…Sandwich

      1. I’ll try and post more…lol. It really is a great device. I have some chicken breasts going right now that are wrapped in bacon. They are swimming at 145°F. I am going to go for 2.5 hours then shock and chill to 40°F, then reheat in the smoke until 145°F IT. I can’t wait to try these!

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  1. Awesome!! I too bought the Anova Sous Vide cooker but sadly, I wish I had spent a bit more for the Blue tooth one you bought.
    Still … I love mine as well and have been planning to write a post myself about it 🙂 🙂
    Cheers Tony 🙂

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