Morel and Goat Cheese Stuffed Burger with Bacon Weave and Habanero Cheese

Yay! No rain today so I got to grill me a burger. Cruised on down to the local market and grabbed another chuck roast.2015-05-14 18.27.19

Cubed it up to grind. Placed on a sheet tray and stuck in the freezer for about 25 minutes to make the grinding easier.2015-05-14 18.30.52

While the beef is chillin’ I made a sheet of bacon weave. Placed that in the oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes.2015-05-14 18.43.53

2015-05-14 19.17.41

Cut into quarters and flipped over and cooked for another 10-ish minutes.2015-05-14 19.31.28

The roommate bought some morel mushrooms from the farmer’s market.2015-05-14 18.52.47

I cut the ends of the stems off and quartered the mushrooms lengthwise. Heated some oil up and sauteed with a little garlic powder, kosher salt and cracked pepper. Finished with some butted and set aside.2015-05-14 19.17.51

Ran the meat through the grinder with coarse plate twice. 2015-05-14 19.52.44

Went out and got the grill going with a chimney full of good briquettes. While they were getting going it was time to start the patties. I just used a 1 cup measuring cup’s worth of the beef slightly packed and then added a little more. Why? Because they were just not big enough yet.2015-05-14 19.52.54

I made sure to leave a small well in the center for stuffing. Then I added a layer of the morels.

2015-05-14 19.55.47

Then I smooshed a small disk of the local truffle goat cheese that the roomie got from the farmer’s market between some plastic wrap and topped the shrooms.2015-05-14 20.04.07

Topped it all with another patty just like the first and sealed up the edges. Out of curiosity, I weighed the burgers and one was 16.04 oz, the other was 16.07 oz. (Not bad for just eyeballing everything.)2015-05-14 20.10.05

Liberally sprinkled both sides of the burger with cracked pepper and kosher salt then placed onto a hot, clean and oiled grill.2015-05-14 20.28.20

Flipped over after about 15 minutes as my grill was only about 250 degrees.2015-05-14 20.37.08

Added the bacon weave. Too bad it was kind of small compared to this monster burger.2015-05-14 20.38.14

Then some habanero cheese. Also smallish. 2015-05-14 20.38.36

Continued cooking with the lid on for about another 12-15 minuted until done.2015-05-14 20.46.23

Onto a fresh toasted bun with some nice mayo. Wow! The crazy mix of flavors were awesome together. This was a juicy and scrumptious. bad-ass burger!2015-05-14 21.03.52

Meet Meat!

17 thoughts on “Morel and Goat Cheese Stuffed Burger with Bacon Weave and Habanero Cheese

  1. Firstly … THANKS for the “like” and “follow” … I’m always very happy to have new readers. 🙂
    Next … OHMAGAWD … what an amazing burger and I’m VERY happy to see you doing right … fresh ground chuck. Well done Sir.
    I wrote about this very topic a couple of years ago as well …
    And here as well …
    And finally … your stuffed burger is something a couple of bars in Minnesota claim as their own … and yours might just shame them … here’s a link to another blogger friend of mine who posted about this burger last week … check him out too …
    I look forward to reading all your stuff Tony … THANKS AGAIN !! 🙂

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